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Duster for Cleaning,100In Cobweb Duster with Extension Pole, Reusable Furniture Ceiling Fan Cleaner Duster,Hand Washable Duster,Easy Disassemble Spider Web Brush with Pole

Duster for Cleaning,100In Cobweb Duster with Extension Pole, Reusable Furniture Ceiling Fan Cleaner Duster,Hand Washable Duster,Easy Disassemble Spider Web Brush with Pole

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  • 【PREMIUM MATERIAL DUSTER】 : The duster for cleaning is made of microfiber material, and the retractable rod is made of stainless steel material, durable and lint-free.Extendable ceiling fan cleaner duster,the handle and brush head are removable, saving most of the space
  • 【ERGONOMIC DESIGN COBWEB DUSTER with EXTENSION POLE】: Our ceiling fan cleaner duster for cleaning is ergonomically designed to give you the proper grip.The duster with extension pole has a silicone cap on the top to prevent scratches on the wall, clean without dead ends, efficient and labor-saving
  • 【DUSTERS WITH TELESCOPIC ROD】 Ceiling fan cleaner duster build out of retractable stainless steel rod, which can be controlled at will, sturdy and durable, it will not rotate, and there is no need to climb ladders to clean up high places. Reusable dusters with short rod conversion heads can be replaced at will, which is convenient for cleaning lower places.
  • 【CLEANING ESSENTIALS DUSTER KIT】: Reusable dusters efficiently handles complex home cleaning .Versatile cleaning kit 9 pcs including: 1*Long rod, 1*Short rod, 1*Ceiling sweep,2*Crevice brush cloth, 1 *Crevice brush rods, 1*Chenille duster head, 1*Duster head, 1*Dishcloth, replace different types of dusting brush head,that easily cleans hard to reach places for all your cleaning needs
  • 【WIDE APPLICATION】: Our spider web brush with pole has a hanging hole design at the tail, which is easy to hang, and can be disassembled and stored.the duster ,perfect for cleaning cobwebs, crevices, furniture bottoms, blinds, corners, and more, and is a must-have for home cleaning

Product Description

Perfect Duster for Cleaning Home

Necessity of Home Life Washable Reusable Duster Kit

9 piece set microfiber dusters for cleaning kit is the necessity of home life , they will meet all your cleaning need.The duster refills are suitable for daily house cleaning, can help you clean hard-to-reach areas easily.The handle and brush head are removable ,means they are easy to store, saving most of the space.

Product Details For Our Duster with Extension Pole

Long Pole And Short Pole

  1. Name: Dusters for cleaning,Ceiling Fan Cleaner Duster
  2. Material: Rod: Stainless Steel, Brush Head: Microfiber, PET
  3. Color: Blue
  4. Package includes:
  • 1*Long rod
  • 1*Short rod
  • 1*Ceiling sweep
  • 2*Crevice brush cloth
  • 1*Crevice brush rods
  • 1*Chenille duster head
  • 1*Duster head
  • 1*Dishcloth

Long pole: With extension pole,can reach 100 in when stretched.

Short pole: Flexiblel and lightweight,cleaning is more convenient.

Product Feature of Our Reusable Duster Kit

Washable Dusters

Duster is washable and reusable, just unscrew the washable duster head from the telescopic handle, and put it in the washing machine, wash until fluffy, then put it in a ventilated place to dry.

Bendable Duster Head

Reusable dusters,microfiber head, it is flexible and bendable.You can bend it to different angles as needed, use it to reach the hard-to-reach places with your hands, helping you to free your hands easily.

Hangable Microfiber Duster

Cobweb Duster with Extension Pole,there are hanging holes on the top, you can hang it on the wall, after dismantling, put the head and the rod into the drawer separately, which can save a lot of space for you .

1.Duster with extension pole, it is sturdy and will no rotate, you don't have to risk climbing the ladder to clean the dust in high places, and it can easily clean the ceiling, fans, etc.

2.The duster for cleaning is including the removable crevice brush, flexible and flat, suitable for crevices, corners or areas that are not easy to clean, such as the bottom of home appliances, sofa crevices, bed bottoms, etc.

3.Ceiling fan dusters is made of high-quality microfiber, with super electrostatic adsorption, which can absorb dust and hair with a light sweep, and has a soft rubber on the top, which will not scratch sofas, furniture, and walls when cleaning.

4.Cobweb duster head is stiff enough, perfect for cleaning cobwebs, the thick bristles will remove sticky cobwebs, just stick it in the center of the web and spin it.

Wild Application of the Reusable Duster for Cleaning

Suitable for Many Occasions

Duster with extension pole can be used in a variety of occasions, ideal for cleaning walls, high ceilings, furniture, cobwebs, blinds, crevices, corners, sofas and more.

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